The Ashton Bentley & Bendac Partnership

A powerful, practical and highly effective Partnership

The Problem:

To effectively deploy meeting spaces that incorporate all the technology you need for an enhanced collaborative experience.

The Solution:

To provide existing and potential clients with the opportunity to create a bespoke and effective AV meeting facility, with fluid and flexible device connectivity.

The Ashton Bentley/Bendac Group’s fully integrated meeting room solution can maximise the use and efficiency of a wide range of identified meeting spaces. These meeting space solutions include the Bendac Krystl screen with its 110”, 138”, 165” or 225” size variations, available in both full HD or 4K resolutions. These screens can be easily installed with Aston Bentley’s technology-enabled meeting table and display chassis, which neatly stores and hides away all the vital connectivity wiring.

ab bendac collaboration (2)

The Outcome:

With the option of various screen size and multiple table offerings, this is a flexible, smart and client contact effective ‘one stop shop’ partnership arrangement that supports the new normal in company AV meeting space. Any organisation, by simply adding their VC Platform of choice, the full solution is available for all video conferencing needs supported by simple presentation features.

Ashton Bentley encourages potential clients to contact Bendac to discuss their enhanced AV communications solution and discover how this innovative partnership can create a simple, enjoyable, and effective video conference experience.


“I am incredibly excited to be partnering with Ashton Bentley to provide the very best in meeting room solutions. We have been looking for the right partner to work with, to bring the next generation of display technology to the corporate market, and we feel Ashton Bentley is that partner, as their innovative all-in-one meeting room offering is a fantastic bespoke solution that is a great fit for our LED display products.”

Ben Da Costa, Managing Director of the Bendac Group speaking about the partnership