ISE 2020

New Products launched for 2020

The Problem:

We needed to be able to show a range of our systems in a small space. All systems needed to be working in order to show attendees how the Ashton Bentley product works.

The Solution:

Eight fully functioning meeting room systems, plus one demo display with retractor and table leg demonstration. The meeting room spaces included Huddle's, standard meeting rooms and a Telepresence system:

Huddle Spaces
- Huddle3 + Single 43 Display System (NEW)
- Huddle4 + Dual 43 Display System (NEW)
- Huddle6 + Dual 43 Display System (NEW)
- Huddle7 + Single 55 Display System (NEW)

Meeting Spaces
- Shaped Tablefor7 + Single 75 Display System
- Shaped Tablefor8 + Dual 65 Display System 

Telepresence Space
- Telepresnce Tablefor6 + Dual 98 Display System (NEW)

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The Outcome:

Eight fully functioning meeting spaces built in two days, fully equipped with videoconferencing systems. All functioning as you would expect in a meeting room.

Our team were incredibly proud of the outcome and we had a great reception from attendees of the show. Everyone was able to get a good understanding of how our systems work, space requirements and how to plan for successful presentations and video collaboration.

Our systems are designed by our in-house engineering team and are based around the same for core components, making the system scalable and adaptable with minimal room remediation.


Based on client requests we designed a number of new and innovative products and brought these to the show. Our largest display to date, the stunning new 98" provide an superb alternative within a telepresence space. On the other end of the spectrum we have introduced our smallest display to the AB range, the 43" which we have paired with our newly extended Huddle range. Showcasing our first dual screened Huddle, enabling users the ability to video call and present in one space.

- Tony Leedham, Director at Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces