About Us

One of our founders, CTO Roger McArdell, was the Global Head for AV/VC in a large international bank. He couldn’t scale and manage his growing estate of meetings rooms, all of which required video collaboration technology.

Roger went to the market to find a commoditised solution, even offered the business to leading AV product manufacturers. No interest.

So, he left the bank and started Ashton Bentley with some likeminded folk and set about changing the way businesses equip their meeting and collaboration spaces with AV technology and tables.

Fast forward and Ashton Bentley has an established number of global clients, licensed technology to Logitech/Lifesize and Polycom, and been awarded Technology Partner status from several leading manufacturers.



To commoditise the delivery and installation of Audio-Visual and VC meeting room systems, without compromising functionality.

Providing complete meeting room systems built around a small range of standardised highly efficient Audio-Visual technology & table components. All housed in elegant purpose design enclosures that compliment all interior designs.

As we couldn’t find these standardised components in the market, we designed them ourselves and have them manufactured for us.

These few components replace the traditional, and expensive, method of integrating numerous ‘boxes’ from multiple vendors.

Aesthetically pleasing

Understated look, customisable where possible.

Easy and quick to assemble with little AV knowledge or skill

Enter the AB Knob. No tools required to build a system or table. Complete room systems can be built in hours not days.

Minimal number of components

All system are based around the same Two-Box interconnectivity solution. One piece chassis with interchangeable bases.

Simple to pack and ship

Essentially ‘flat-packed’ complete meeting room systems easily shipped to any location.