About Us

No stress.

No compromise.

Just walk in and work.

Ashton Bentley manufactures a range of complete ‘out of the box’ collaboration space solutions that provide professional audio-visual systems seamlessly integrated with technology enable tables.

Reduce the time taken to specify, purchase and install, so significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

Collaboration technology that just works and isn’t complicated to use.


As with all good inventions, our products were designed because they didn’t exist.

One of our founders, Roger McArdell, worked for an international bank as head of their AV and VC globally. Roger couldn’t scale and manage his growing estate of meetings rooms, all of which he wanted to have video collaboration technology

Roger went to the market to find a commoditised solution, even offered the business to several AV product manufacturers. Nothing.

So, he left the bank and started Ashton Bentley with some likeminded folk, and set about changing the way businesses equip their meeting and collaboration spaces with technology and tables.