Cardiff University

A reliable, cross-platform, presentation and video-conference solution.

The Problem:

The solution needed to support a range of activities from student-lecturer The university were searching for a reliable, cross-platform, presentation and video-conference solution in a board room setting. discussion across sites, through to management team presentations and recruitment interviews.

The Solution:

Ashton Bentley recommended a single 70” display system configured for both presentations and videoconferencing. This provided simple laptop connectivity and ease of use, with room-filling audio. The main platform the university were using was Skype for Business, however one of the reasons the university selected Ashton Bentley was that they could change VC platforms easily without losing their initial investment.

Cardiff Uni

The Outcome:

After a year of successful use of the system, Cardiff University purchased another Ashton Bentley 70” display system to support their internal and external communications.


“The system is intuitive to use, reliable and requires minimal ongoing support from IT staff” 
Dr Rob Davies, School Manager Cardiff School of Computer Science & Informatics