ISE Munich

Meeting a growing internal demand for meeting spaces.

The Problem:

With an increase in staff numbers combined with a growing internal demand for the meeting spaces, ISE had to review their audio-visual and videoconference systems. Already a satisfied user of Ashton Bentley at their Munich HQ, ISE approached Ashton Bentley to review their presentation and videoconference requirements.

The Solution:

After consultation a plan to upgrade and better utilise existing systems was submitted and accepted.

Tony Leedham, Business Development Director at Ashton Bentley, explains:

 “as our systems are modular and simple to disassemble, it became apparent that we could not only upgrade ISE’s existing Ashton Bentley systems by adding new components to minimise costs, but also re-purpose removed parts to provide new rooms with video collaboration”

The upgrade involved re-using all existing Ashton Bentley components and tables, re-working table boxes to add new laptop retractors and more power sockets and supplement with the latest Ashton Bentley display technology.

The large meeting room was upgraded to a new dual 75” 4K display system (with latest central processor) and connected to the existing 15 seat table. The removed dual 70” display system was easily relocated to the second room to replace the existing Ashton Bentley dual 55” display system.

This dual 55” display system was ‘split’ and provided ISE with two additional single 55” presentation systems for other rooms.


The Outcome:

Increased collaboration spaces from two to four. The existing two meeting rooms upgraded with larger dual displays and increased functionality. The replaced displays were repurposed to provide new collaboration systems for two additional meeting rooms.


“Thank you to the Ashton Bentley team for taking ISE out of the collaboration dark ages!"

Mike Blackman, MD of ISE