Ashton Bentley systems have been designed to reduce the time involved in every aspect of deployment, operation and support.

  • Reduced Deployment Time - Systems are unique in that they can be deployed and operational in minutes rather than days with no specialist skills or tools.
    Straight out of the box.
  • Instant Operation - Quick semi-automatic operation allows users to connect and display data or have a video call. No power switches, no remotes, no touch
    screens -  “Walk in and Work”
  • Real Time Management and Support - Integrated IP support tools with real time fault monitoring and automated system status reporting. Remotely control,
    monitor and manage single or multiple systems globally. Significantly reducing response and support times.
  • Reducing Downtime – Each system contains only four standard active components, which are common across the entire range. This unique approach simplifies maintenance by minimising spare parts and technical support. Combined with real time IP system management tools, significantly reducing system downtime.